About Us

FusionExcelWholesale has been selling authentic Fusion Excel product since 2007. We are based in San Jose California USA and we ship internationally.

Here is our guarantee: -

  • All of our items come with original authenticity cards from the manufacturer, containing the Product ID and password that you can register at www.FusionExcel.com
  • We are able to sell the pendants at a lower price because we of our high volume delivery. We also bypass the Fusion Excel MLM business model and pass the savings to you. 
  • Watch out for any products made of synthetic materials like plastic or acrylics and claiming the same properties or benefits. 
  • Watch out for some fake products that have been reported in the news to have high levels of radioactivity. FusionExcel International cannot be responsible for the content of the fake Quantum Pendants or their efficacy.  
  • FusionExcel International has grown rapidly over the past few years; its Quantum Pendant has helped many thousands around the world gain better health and has improved the performances of many sports athletes. Unfortunately the success of FusionExcel International's Quantum Pendant has also spawned various imitations and jealous competitors, some of whom have resorted to unscrupulous acts. 
  • FusionExcel International’s Quantum Pendant have been tested and safe for consumer use.
  • The only way to ensure that you are buying a genuine FusionExcel International's Quantum Pendant is to make sure it comes with ID and password allowing you to register your product on the website www.fusionexcel.com. 

We are also looking for international and local distributors. Please contact us via email at support@fusionexcelwholesale.com if you are interested.